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Registrarse como usuario

Hello there! For full access to your course, you'll need to take a minute to create a new account for yourself on the BETAG Learning Center. You should have been supplied with a one-time "enrolment key", which you should use during this sign up:
  1. Please fill out the New Account form with the requested details. Your username must be unique, but it`s OK if your username is also your email address, if you find that easier.
  2. An email will be immediately sent to your email address (please check your spam/junk email folder in case it`s been misdirected!).
  3. Read your email, and click on the web link it contains.
  4. From now on you will only need to enter your personal username and password (in the log in form on this page) to log in and access any course you have enrolled in.